Game Guide


Your ranking is determined by four stats: your attack, defense, spy and hero. The higher these stats, the higher your ranking will be. To maximise your ranking, you should try to balance these stats.


Attack is obtained by

  1. Purchasing more attack soldiers (UNITS)
  2. Upgrading your attack weapons (WEAPONS)


Defense is obtained by

  1. Purchasing more defense soldiers (UNITS)
  2. Upgrading your defense weapons (WEAPONS)


Spy is obtained by

  1. Training more spies (UNITS)
  2. Upgrading your spy guild (CONSTRUCT)


Hero is obtained by

  1. Gaining skill points after a successful attack
  2. Purchasing a better hero weapon (HERO)


The ATTACK page lists players in order of ranking. To attack a player, click on their name, bringing you to their STATS page.

When attacking, 10 turns will deal your full damage, while 1 turn will deal 10% of your damage. You can attack any player at most 5 times in 24 hours. Your damage is determined by

  1. Your attack
  2. Your hero
  3. The skill your hero is using (HERO)

Be careful, though! A player's hero may have a skill equipped and ready to use against you. If you are deemed a threat, the enemy hero will unleash their skill upon your forces. If you are too weak, the enemy hero will see no need to use their skill and precious shards.


Whether you can spy on another player depends on your effective spy stat compared to their effective spy stat. Spying on another player will reduce your effect spy stat by 1% for each spy.

You can use some of your spies' effectiveness to steal small amounts of food from other players. Stealing food in this way will further reduce your effective spy stat. You may increase the amount of food you can steal by upgrading your spy guild.

The effective spy stat recovers by 5% every turn.


Gold is obtained through income (gold received per turn), which can be increased by training workers, upgrading your settlement, and by gaining gold through attacking.

Food is obtained through farming (food received per turn), which can be increased by training farmers, and by upgrading your settlement. It is needed to train more economy units.

Shards are obtained through shard hunting (shards received per turn), which can be increased by training shard hunters and upgrading your settlement. Hero skills require a certain amount of shards to be used in battle.

Settlement Health

You lose health whenever someone successfully attacks you. As your health decreases, your defense will also decrease. You can repair or upgrade your maximum amount of health on the CONSTRUCT page.


Missions help you get started at the beginning of an age. By completing the requirements of a mission, you are rewarded in various ways. Missions may be completed on the MISSIONS page.

Everything Else

... is up to you to figure out!