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Final Hero is a multi-player strategy game. It can be played in your internet browser, which means that you don't have to download anything and you can play from any computer! Moreover, playing the game is 100% free!

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The age will definitely end near December 1st 2022, or in...

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Latest News

February 2022 Age
9 months ago

Hello everyone,

I accidentally forgot to change the age length back to 2 months, so this age will be only one month long. Additionally, I have not had much time to adjust the formula and numbers to make this version more interesting / faster pace.

The only main change this age is the number of skill points gained during battle. To incentivize players to use better skills, and increase shard hunting, the skill points will now be based on three factors:

1. How close your attack stat is to the opponent's defense stat
2. How many turns have been used
3. The skill used in battle

As you use better skills and more turns, you will see a larger number of skill points gained during battle.

In the coming ages, I will be looking to see how make the ages start more quickly.

Best of luck to everyone, and have fun in this new age!

- Copephobia

December Age and Next Year!
11 months ago

Hello everyone,

I have been quite absent over the last few months, with both work and personal lives taking up a surprising amount of time. For that, I apologize!

The average player count has dropped significantly, as it turns out there was one particular player who had been running some bots / multi-accounting. This player has been banned from the game, and I will be investigating the remaining inactive accounts that were setup.

For the December Age, I have decreased the age length to 1 month to end the age at the end of the current year. In the new year, I will bring age lengths back to 2 months and possibly longer!

Additionally, I am in the process of bringing back Final Hero Classic! It will be connected to this game by User accounts only. That is, you only need to register once to be able to play both games. Everything else, including Alliances and Chat, will be separate between the two versions. You can team up with the same players in both games, or forge a new alliance in the classic version.

I am deciding if I want to bring the Empires minigame over to the classic version, or come up with something else entirely for that version.

I will have more details about all of that as the year comes to its end. I would like to see Final Hero grow in the new year, so that it will be very active yet idle game.

Best of luck to everyone playing this age!

- Copephobia

Welcome to the August-September 2021 Age!
1 year ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the August-September Age!

Hero Skills have been rebalanced and will be looked at as the age progresses:
• Skill Points required for each Skill have been increased, to better spread out the skills
• The number of Skill Points gained during battle has been increased to match the skill point requirement
• The number of shards required to use a Skill have been significantly increased, so it will become necessary to train many more Hunters now
• Hunting has been updated to produce more shards

Empires has received three major updates this age:
• Bounties can be claimed up to 5 times per day, in line with the number of times per day you can attack another player
• The maximum armies count has been increased from 10 per nation to 100 per nation
• The amount of gold per turn for each alliance has been reduced from 100 per turn to 10 per turn

Spying has been updated to include a better chance of taking artifacts.

Best of luck to everyone playing this age!

- Copephobia

New Features in the June-July 2021 Age!
1 year ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the June-July Age!

This age introduces a new feature, Empires! It is a minigame for players in alliances. Every day, alliance members will receive bounties - randomly selected players that can be attacked. Claiming bounties will reward you some gold, food, and shards. Using bounties and minigame gold, increase your empire's strength and become the best alliance out there! The initial version of the minigame is simple, but I would like to see about expanding it into something larger.

Another feature introduced this age is Artifacts! Artifacts are one of two types - attack and defense. Having an artifact will multiply your attack or defense stat. Players can take or steal other players' artifacts through battle or spying.

Enjoy the new minigame and the new age!

- Copephobia

A Longer Age
1 year ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the February-March Age!

There are / will be two notable changes with this age:
• As the age name suggests, this age will last for two months instead of just one.
• The age will "end" an hour before the next age, with a cooldown period that prevents players from modifying their stats. During this cooldown period, you will be able to freely spy on other players' stats.

I look forward to seeing how this longer age turns out! Try your best!

- Copephobia

Welcome to 2021!
1 year ago

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! It is a new year, with a new age bringing new changes! To start off this new year, there have been several notable changes made. You can read more about them below.

Formula Tweaks
• Slightly lowered overall Spy strength
• Tweaked Hero strength to be slightly lower in the start of the age, but stronger towards the end
• Moved Hero Skill skill point requirements higher
• Modified Income and Shard Hunting to be boosted by upgraded Settlements

• Hero Skills can now be used when defending an attack, provided you have enough shards
• Hero Skills will only be used if the player attacking is enough of a threat
• You will now gain 1 skill point per turn used when attacking, in addition to the normal skill points gained

• Spies will now get tired as they infiltrate enemy settlements for information, lowering the Effective Spy stat value
• Every successful spy attempt will decrease the Effective Spy stat value by 1% (minimum 0%)
• If your Effective Spy stat gets too low, you may now be able to spy on other players
• Effective Spy percentage will increase by 5% every turn (maximum of 100%)
• Food can now be stolen while spying, using a percentage of your Effective Spy!
• The amount of food stolen can be increased by upgrading your Spy Guild

• Now displays the next construct to be built, alongside the required investment gold
• The 'Active Players' section will now show the best hit of the current day, instead of previously the last 24 hours

Bug fixes
• Farming would not be updated if a new Settlement was constructed
• The highest hero weapon could not be obtained

Miscellaneous text and UI changes

Enjoy the new year, new age, and do your best!

- Copephobia

Welcome to the April Age!
3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the April Age! This age is starting off with some changes to the Hero skill, and more missions will be available within the coming weeks.

The changes to the Hero skill are as follows:
• Hero Skills are no longer bound by number of turns used. They will now always deal their full damage (full damage can now be viewed on the Hero page).
• Skill damage has gone up a great deal, to better match the stat progression throughout the age.
• Skill shard requirements have been increased as well.

Last month I mentioned passive income bots called turtles, and by the end of the week I will have a forum thread posted with more details on how they will behave.

Enjoy the new age and try your best!

- Copephobia

Welcome to the March Age!
3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the March Age! I am looking forward to another age of the game. There are two notable changes for this age:

• Missions are available! There are currently 5 of them to help you get started each age, with plenty more to come as I write them.
• Farming is now affected by the Settlement construct. As you upgrade your Settlement, you will receive a boost in farming.

Later in the month, I hope to reveal some passive income bots, called turtles. More details will come soon on that.

Until then, enjoy the new age and try your best!

- Copephobia

Updated Styles
3 years ago

Hello everyone,

There hasn't been too much to update with recently, but I have just finished updating the styling of the site.

The major difference is a new and better view on mobile devices. This should hopefully make it easier to play the game on the go. Let me know if there is anything that doesn't look right or doesn't work!

As for the next age, February, I should have some of the stat calculations modified. Most notably, the spy guild construct and hero skills! I will also release some of the first few missions, though they may come a day or two after the reset (gotta love busy work work)!

A new year, a new age!
3 years ago

Hello all,

It's been well over a year since I last apologized for leaving the game in the state it was in. I made plans to work on the game - fixing bugs and introducing new features. I once again lost sight of the goals, commitments, and ambitions I had for this game.

About a week ago, I regained that desire to work on this game again, and I started to rewrite the game from scratch. Most of the work was refactoring old code to clean things up, and the rest was honestly just copy-pasting things from the old code. While I was going through the pages and actions of the game, it really hit me that this game is fun to play, and I felt bad for abandoning it time and time again.

It's a new year, and I will be actively improving and advertising this game. I truly want this game to succeed and become more popular, but the only want to see that through is to work on it!

Some new things that you may notice are:
• Usernames are in the URL for easier access and understanding
• Relative time is back! You can hover over the relative time to see the actual time (in UTC)
• If you have attacked a player 5 times in the last 24 hours, it will tell you when you can attack them again
• You may now repeat attacks with the press of a button and view more details about the attack outcome
• Everyone starts with an attack soldier and a defense soldier now, everyone has received these two units for free

Some things I will be addressing soon:
• Spy does not take into account the Spy Guild construct, I will fix this in the stat calculations for the next age (February)
• There may be bugs that I have not seen yet, but I will be diligent in testing everything I can
• I will try to get at least a few missions ready for the next age (February)

Enjoy the conquering!

- Copephobia


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