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Final Hero is a multi-player strategy game. It can be played in your internet browser, which means that you don't have to download anything and you can play from any computer! Moreover, playing the game is 100% free!

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The age will definitely end near February 1st 2019, or in...

8 days

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A new year, a new age!
19 days ago

Hello all,

It's been well over a year since I last apologized for leaving the game in the state it was in. I made plans to work on the game - fixing bugs and introducing new features. I once again lost sight of the goals, commitments, and ambitions I had for this game.

About a week ago, I regained that desire to work on this game again, and I started to rewrite the game from scratch. Most of the work was refactoring old code to clean things up, and the rest was honestly just copy-pasting things from the old code. While I was going through the pages and actions of the game, it really hit me that this game is fun to play, and I felt bad for abandoning it time and time again.

It's a new year, and I will be actively improving and advertising this game. I truly want this game to succeed and become more popular, but the only want to see that through is to work on it!

Some new things that you may notice are:
• Usernames are in the URL for easier access and understanding
• Relative time is back! You can hover over the relative time to see the actual time (in UTC)
• If you have attacked a player 5 times in the last 24 hours, it will tell you when you can attack them again
• You may now repeat attacks with the press of a button and view more details about the attack outcome
• Everyone starts with an attack soldier and a defense soldier now, everyone has received these two units for free

Some things I will be addressing soon:
• Spy does not take into account the Spy Guild construct, I will fix this in the stat calculations for the next age (February)
• There may be bugs that I have not seen yet, but I will be diligent in testing everything I can
• I will try to get at least a few missions ready for the next age (February)

Enjoy the conquering!

- Copephobia


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